Our core values

We’ve always tried to be led by the Holy Spirit as to what we do in our meetings but if you’ve ever spent any time around us you’ll know there are usually three core elements that make up the time we spend together: worship, teaching and ministry. We’ve explained a bit more about each below as well as providing links to further teaching and information if you’d like to find out more.


Worship is at the heart of being a Christian and therefore has always been at the heart of Soul Survivor and it’s about so much more than just singing songs. We believe worship is a place where we can draw close to God and be intimate with him. Amazingly as we focus on who God is and all that he’s done for us we often find that we receive more of his amazing love too and we’ve witnessed many have their lives changed as they’ve worshipped. 

You can watch Mike talking about why we value intimacy in worship, listen to a seminar from Tom Smith on Spirit-led worship, and check out some of our worship resources (such as song videos and chord charts) below.



Teaching from the Bible has always been a core part of our meetings as well as having seminars and one-day conferences throughout the year to explore what the Bible has to say on different topics. You can check out the whole seminar programme here.


We’ve always prioritised making space for the Holy Spirit to move during our meetings, wanting to be led by his agenda and not our own as much as possible. We know that to live in God’s power we need to spend time soaking in his presence. We’re really passionate about encouraging and equipping people to pray for one another in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to move. If you’d like to find out more you might like to listen to Ali Martin’s seminar on prayer ministry, and some of the talks from our Naturally Supernatural conference which was all about moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit (without being weird!).