The Soul Survivor Story

Soul Survivor festivals ran from 1993 to 2019, gathering thousands of young people to worship Jesus each summer.

Over 32,500 attended the last Soul Survivor summer with five events in Peterborough, Stafford and Scotland including Naturally Supernatural, an event for all the family. An amazing 2,100 made commitments to follow Jesus and thousands more had life-changing encounters. You can find out more about how Soul Survivor began (and how it almost ended after one year because it was losing money!), the values it was built on and why we closed the events in the above video.

The story of Soul Survivor is a story of what God can do when you take a risk and follow him. We’ve never been the most talented bunch and we’ve never had lots of money or a huge staff team, but we have the most faithful God who loves to meet with his people and draw them to him. We’d love you to watch and read some of the testimonies of how God has met with people over the years and the impact he has had in their lives.